Passenger Endorsement 2 Day Course

To obtain a 'Passenger' Endorsement' students would:

  1. Obtain a Transport medical from their doctor (unless they already have done so in last 5 years).
  2. Complete a 2 day 'P' endorsement course covering fatigue, logbook, drivinghours, rules for driving in a Passenger Service. (I run these monthly - Cost $880).
  3. Have a 'Fit and Proper' person check with NZTA and Police (all one check which happens automatically when you submit an application for 'P' to NZTA agency).
  4. Take the half hour Full Licence Test drive in your car, with a Testing Officer.

Once all 4 are successfully completed you have a 'P' endorsement.

Cost for the course is $880.

The government has changed the law, and the P endorsement course, Is no longer required to get a Passenger Endorsement on your licence. You just need to have a medical from a doctor, and get a police check, to apply for a P endorsement, to drive a taxi shuttle mini-bus etc.

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