Ron operates a driver education business which specialises in the use of cars, motorcycles, trucks, taxis, shuttles, and buses, and obtaining the licences and endorsements to drive these, and the 'Streetalk' Defensive Course to support them.

He has spent his life driving commercially, obtaining his motorcycle licence at 15, car licence at 16, and truck licence at 17, and entered the workforce as a city van delivery driver, progressing in to the army for 11 years, where he completed his heavy vehicle licences, driving largely off-road, and also in large convoy driving. Army life was followed by 25 years in the Police, where driving was often at higher speeds, and where Passenger Endorsements were completed to drive the Police Prisoner Vans, Trucks, and Buses.

On leaving the Police 16 years ago, he set up the driving school to assist teens to progress through their Learner, Restricted and Full licences, supported by the 'Streetalk' Defensive course, which also cuts 6 months off their Restricted licence time, and provides lessons showing them the requirements of the Restricted and Full tests.

He has also run the 'Safe with Age' course for older drivers, and offers Assessment drives to the elderly to help them, and their doctor if required, to evaluate their driving, for re-licencing purposes. Monthly Class 2 and 4 and 'Passenger' Endorsement Courses assist students into those licences and endorsements also.

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